Exhibition information

Knowing the History of Emigration

The history of official immigration, as well as the historical background of immigration from Suo Oshima to Hawaii, is exhibited based on photographs and historical materials.

Knowing the Life of Emigrants

Tools and daily necessities brought by returnees from Hawaii are displayed, along with photos and explanations that give visitors a glimpse of life and labor in those days.

History of Exchange between Suo Oshima and Hawaii

Photos and documents related to the sister island relationship with Kauai, which was established in 1963, are on display. Visitors can feel the transition of the exchange between Suo Oshima and Hawaii.

Theater Room

This corner looks back at the history of immigration from Suo Oshima to Hawaii through video.

In addition

The museum is a reproduction of the former Fukumoto residence, which was donated to the town by his bereaved family. It was built in 1928, after Mr. Fukumoto returned to Japan, and its architectural splendor, as well as its blend of Japanese and Western styles, is very interesting as something that was built by a traveler after he returned to Japan. There is also a museum store inside the museum.